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  • As a professional truck driver, you spend most of your day sitting in a stationary position. After long continuous periods of driving, blood flow slows down and muscles tend to stiffen up. You feel anything but limber and ready for physical activity when you finally stop and get out of the truck. However, once you do stop, you are often required to perform some sort of physical task – from cranking the trailer dollies, to pulling the fifth wheel pin, to assisting with freight unloading, to climbing out of or into your truck.

  • A  few years back, a friend of mine was leaving Boston, MA on his way back home to Springfield, MO to spend the Christmas holiday with his family. 

    It was around 2 am when he was headed westbound on the Mass Pike. He was texting on his phone with his wife anticipating his arrival at home and looking forward to the holidays with family.  

  • Wearing your seat belt typically comes with a lot of controversy these days.  It used to be an option to wear, leaving it in the hands of the driver and passengers to buckle up if it was their desire or need to feel safe.  With the increasing pressure of lawsuits driven by insurance companies, seat belts have turned from an option to a must-wear law.  Click it or ticket!  We know that some of you disagree with this, but the law is the law.

  • Every company is unique. Just like every driver is unique. Everybody has different goals for their career. Different visions for their life. Spend some time sifting through the driving jobs out there, and you’ll find the variation in offerings is endless. Some companies focus on higher starting pay. Some on better raises over time. Some focus on pushing big miles and others on getting their drivers more home time. The list goes on and on.