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  • It is no secret that being a long haul truck driver is hard on your body. The fact that the job requires you to sit, strapped to your seat for hours on end is just the beginning. Add in the stresses and pressures of meeting deadlines and the fact that the most abundant and affordable foods available on the go tend to be the least healthy options it's easy to see how drivers are highly susceptible to obesity and other heath issues.

  • Every now and then we like to highlight a mobile app that we think drivers will find particularly useful. There are more and more apps rolling out that offer a multitude of tools to help drivers get through their day. But when it comes to an app that can really make the driver’s life a little easier, the new myPilot app from Pilot Flying J looks to stand above the rest. In fact, according to  Pilot’s website “make your life easier” is precisely what this app is designed to do.

  • We believe our drivers are some of the most professional in the industry. As such, we also believe they should be rewarded for their work as professional drivers. But when it comes to bonus programs the results are often too easily affected by factors outside of the driver's control. Drivers may be doing everything correctly, but weather or terrain might cost them a better bonus by lowering their fuel score despite their best efforts.

  • For many, New Year's Eve is a night of celebration. Some will celebrate a new beginning. A chance to start over and do things in a new way. Others will celebrate letting go. Freeing themselves of those things they've held on to, either emotionally or physically, for too long. It is a night for forgiveness, apologies, resolutions and new opportunities. Ultimately, the coming of a new year marks a changing point for people all across the world.