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  • One of the things about getting older (notice – I didn’t say anything about being old), is that you have more things that you can look back at and reflect on.

  • For the 8th year in a row, Inbound Logistics has selected Nussbaum as a Top 100 Trucker. We’re doing something right, and we’re sure it all comes back to our people. Our people make it happen every day, and they do wonders impacting each person they meet throughout the day. It takes everyone – drivers, office staff, and maintenance staff – to make each day successful.

  • Last week was Customer Service week. And boy, did we indulge our Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) with applause, gratitude, and flowers!

  • Happy Employee Ownership Month!

    Last April, Brent Nussbaum announced that Nussbaum Transportation began transitioning to an employee-owned company. Now, as employee-owners, we’ve been tasked with carrying on the mission, values, heritage, and success that the Nussbaum family has established.

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