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15 Reasons to Love Your CSR's

Last week was Customer Service week. And boy, did we indulge our Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) with applause, gratitude, and flowers!

Here's what makes our CSR's so great.


They’re Always Up for a Laugh

1. I’ve called to leave someone a voicemail and said, “Thank you for calling Nussbaum.” …ON the voicemail. – Brenda

2. I had to use super glue from Josh Strating to put my shoe back together at work. – Angie

3. I have answered the phone and said, “How may I direct your car?” instead of “call.” – Livy

4. It’s funny when drivers put together that I am married to Brian. I love hearing the stories from way back! – Mindi

5. It’s always memorable when we get driver compliments from our customers – courteous, dependable, professional, or “best driver experience I’ve had in years!” – Livy


On Top of Emails and Phone Calls

6. We meet each new class in orientation so that drivers can put faces to names. – Angie

7. I wash the towels!! – Vicky

8. We can easily get between 600 to 1,000 emails a day, depending if we are covering for someone. – Brenda

9. I send encouraging text messages to drivers on loads that I have. – Mindi

10. We love food. Will work for food! – Livy


Why They Love It

11. Where else can you work that family is the most important thing? It puts you so at ease during difficult times. – Vicky

12. I enjoy working with customers, internally and externally. I learned a long time ago that everyone is a customer in a way. – Mindi

13. I love working with my fellow CSR’s. We share the good, the bad, and the ugly and are always there for each other… Vicky is always there when we need a hug! – Brenda

14. I love interacting with our customers and being able to solve issues that benefit our drivers. – Angie

15. When I’m on a road trip, I love passing our trucks all over the U.S. and trying to see who the driver is (and waving like a maniac). – Livy


Thank you, Vicky, Brenda, Mindi, Angie, and Livy. You’re an integral part of Nussbaum. We appreciate all that you do each day!

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