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17 Tips For Amazing Pics Using Your Phone.

As an OTR driver, there can be lots of opportunities to get some great pictures. Maybe you just got a fresh wash on the rig and it is just looking too good not to immortalize in picture. Or you got the chance to take a break near some incredible scenery and can’t help but grab a few shots. Or maybe you just need to get a good shot of some paperwork to send into dispatch.

Whatever you might be taking pictures of, I’ll bet you always want to take the best picture you can. Sometimes it can seem like our smartphone camera just isn’t enough to get the job done. We can fall into the trap of thinking we need to lug around a great big expensive peace of machinery to get the best pics possible.

Sure having a nice camera with lens options is definitely a good way to get some great pictures.  But what about the rest of us who want to keep it simple?

Today’s smartphones are packed full of great technology that, with a little know how, allows us to get some great pictures without a big fancy camera. HubSpot shares some great tips on how you can take your smartphone photography game to the next level.

Like turning on the grid lines in your camera app to help line up your shot.

Finding interesting perspectives to shoot from instead of just straight on

Or avoiding zooming in. This can cause pictures to be blurry or have other distortions.  It is actually better to either get physically closer, or just take the photo at regular distance and then crop it down with a photo editing app later.

But those are just a few examples of the great insight shared at HubSpot.  So head on over and take in their wealth of knowledge.




No seriously, go now. We’ll wait... 


Done already?

Awesome! Those are some great tips, aren’t they?

Now it’s time to put those tips to practice and start shooting. Then, we’d love to see those photographs you come up with.

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