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8 Tips for Driving on Ice and Snow

8 Tips for Driving on Ice and Snow

Last year, we shared an infographic with some tips for driving on ice and snow. Now that winter has officially reared it's head and the snow storms are beginning to fill in the forecasts we thought it would be a good time to share those tips again.



Here are a few key points we think are worth repeating:

  • Driving with your lights on makes you more visible to other drivers on the road.
  • Accelerating smooth and gradually to reduce the chances of slipping.
  • Keep your speed down. Slick, wet roads mean longer stopping distances, slowing down and keeping more space when following other vehicles means less chance of sliding into another car, or off the road.
  • Do NOT use cruise control.

And most importantly, always work to take care of the most important cargo in your truck... YOU.

You can see more tips from our Winter Safety Series:

Thanks for reading, and stay safe on the road this winter. 

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