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9 Stretches for Getting Out of the Truck

“I’m pretty well molded to this seat – when I move it’s going to sound like a round of firecrackers with all the pop-pop-pops coming from my joints.”

Sound familiar?

As a truck driver, you do a lot more than sit and drive. You have an active job that requires strength and agility. When the time comes to move from a stationary driving position to go-go-go movements, it can be daunting. Whether it be:

  • Getting down out of your truck safely
  • Cranking a trailer dolly
  • Assisting with an unload
  • Getting some steps in for your fitness program
  • Or getting up in your truck to keep the miles rolling

It’s tough to jolt your body from a long-term sitting position directly into a taxing activity. Take a moment, and ease your body into movement. Throw a few stretches in when you get to a destination!

Your body will thank you – not only for the movement out of the driver’s seat but for giving it a few minutes to prepare and ease into action.

Try these 9 Stretches from!


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