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A Cold Donut – Trucking Orientation

A Cold Donut – Trucking Orientation


Tyler Dietrich

“I was handed a cold donut, and that was it for the day. If I wanted more food I had to use a vending machine.”

“I was told I would be home in 14 days and then get two days off. Instead, it was three months before I saw my home.”


“Their orientation is like a puppy mill for drivers, they don’t care about who you are they just want someone in the seat.”

These are the experiences some drivers shared about their orientation at other trucking companies.

“What’s orientation,” you ask? Sounds pretty harmless if you are new to the trucking industry. The rest of you know it’s the daunting time when the curtains are pulled back and the company you just placed your hopes in reveals their true colors. This is a story many drivers can relate to. They were painted a picture of a better life by a recruiter yet were disappointed to arrive at another company that only cared about a heartbeat in a seat. After it happens so many times, a driver just comes to expect it.

We asked our drivers what their first impression of Nussbaum was after orientation.


 “So far everyone seems to be pretty open and truthful…” – Louis M.

“So far it’s a great place…” – Dennis J.

“I Felt Comfortable coming on board.” – Wade B.

“Keep it honest up front.” – Jeremy P.


When you come to orientation at Nussbaum it’s very simple:

  • We get you here. (We set up a rental car or a plane ticket and cover most or all of the cost)
  • We take care of you here. (Fully paid travelers Hotel, Meals Covered and $100 Spending Money)
  • We pay you for your time. ($200 per day and Guaranteed Pay even on your first week)
  • We get you rolling. (Dispatched out 3 days after you arrive on your first load in your own truck)

So it’s not hard to see why the Nussbaum drivers are cautiously saying that they are having a good experience. It simply isn’t what they expected. And that’s a good thing.

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