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A Silver Lining to the Dark Clouds of Driver Shortage.

A Silver Lining to the Dark Clouds of Driver Shortage.

The dark clouds of the driver shortage continue to build. Hanging low in the skies over the trucking industry like a storm ready to unleash it’s torrent at any moment. At times, it seems like the overcast may never disperse. However, there may now be some new light breaching the horizon.

Could autonomous trucks be the light to push back the storm? In a recent article, HDT talks about how autonomous trucks could help solve the driver shortage. And it’s not for the reason you may think.

Whenever the topic of autonomous trucks comes up everyone pictures a completely driverless truck. But we are not talking about trucks that come to life and drive themselves here. What we’re talking about are level 3 autonomous trucks like the Inspiration Truck.

HDT’s Deborah Lockridge reminds us that:


“While these autonomous technologies may indeed help alleviate the shortage, it won’t be because they are literally taking drivers out of the cab.”


These trucks still require a driver. So how will they help the driver shortage? It’s not about finding an alternative to drivers. Rather, it’s about improving the driver’s quality of life. As well as offering up new features that will make driving safer and more attractive to new drivers.

These trucks come packed with new features that can help reduce driver fatigue and the monotony of long hauls. They can also greatly improve safety for the driver. The new safety technologies were among the things that most intrigued our CEO Brent Nussbaum during the unveiling of the Inspiration Truck. Freightliner’s focus on safety and innovation is why we work closely with them. Our goal is to provide the best technology for our drivers to help them succeed.

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