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Appreciating Our People

Appreciating Our People

At Nussbaum, we are strongly focused on our people. Our mission statement says:

“We believe that the business exists for the purpose
of impacting people for eternity.”

These are not just some fancy words written up to decorate our wall. These are words we truly live by.

It’s evidenced in the phone conversations you can hear walking through operations. The way managers engage with their drivers openly. Working to meet their needs and help solve problems throughout the day.

You can see it in the maintenance team as they as they meticulously check over the trucks and trailers that come into the shop for repairs ensuring that everything is done right before putting them back on the road. Giving drivers peace of mind and confidence in their equipment.

It can also be found in recruiting. When you see our recruiters letting potential new hires know that this job is going to be long hours out on the road and weeks away from their families. It’s not pretty, but it’s the truth and we believe that drivers deserve honesty from the very first conversation.

The bottom line is we appreciate everything our drivers do for us and we work hard each day to let them know by working hard to provide support and honest open communication.

But how do we know for sure that our drivers feel the appreciation we have for them? It is great that we work to show our appreciation but every once in a while we need an unbiased way to see just how we are doing.

That’s why we work with Strategic Programs to perform a third party audit of employees each year. We want to know what our driver's honest opinions are so Strategic Programs have developed a way for our drivers to respond and provide their feedback anonymously.

We then look through all of the data thoroughly to see what we can do to improve our performance for our people. But we also get to see the places where we excel.



Our employees were asked during the survey whether they felt appreciated when they did good work. You can see that the industry takes a pretty big dip on this question. But where the industry falls a little short, the data shows that we hold strong positive responses.

For us, this validates that we are living out our mission and that our drivers really do feel the appreciation that we have for them. Now we can look to next year and work towards raising that bar even higher.


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