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Operations Spotlight: Jim Noe – Account Manager

Posted on Apr 30, 2014

jim-noe.png“Young man…” Jim Noe (rhymes with boy) starts, “what d’ya say?” Age and maturity really have no bearing on Jim’s use of “young man” as he’s been heard saying it to persons much younger as well as many years his senior. He may say, “Young man… where are you headed?” or “Young man… how’s your little boy doing?” It’s just his friendly way of engaging the driver on the other end of the line or the co-worker across the office.


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Operations Spotlight: Brendon Nussbaum – Driver Manager

Posted on Apr 14, 2014

When Brendon Nussbaum joined the operations team in 2012, he needed very little introduction. He practically grew up with the company. There’s the obvious last name thing, but even from the time he was a young teenager, Brendon could be found cleaning up trucks, sweeping the shop, or as he put it, “making more trouble than doing good!” However, his journey to Operations is not so simply told.


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A Car, a Truck, and a Spring Snowstorm

Posted on Apr 2, 2014

n the transportation industry, It’s easy to prioritize our day-to-day operations and goal of making deliveries on time. That is what we do after all, and it’s certainly a large part of what our customers pay us to do. But it doesn’t stop there.


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