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Building a Stronger Workplace – Employee Engagement

Posted on Dec 31, 2015

At Nussbaum, you’ll often hear us talk about how much we value our drivers and employees. We have a passion for our people that drives us to find ways we can continuously improve. In the last year, this passion has led Nussbaum to develop a relationship with Strategic Programs Inc. This comspany specializes in providing solutions to help organizations realize their goals and improve organizational performance.


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The Best Gift Ever Given

Posted on Dec 23, 2015

Veronica Phillips
Nussbaum Driver

Have you ever wondered about this time of year?

Christmas trees and presents and all the festive cheer

Sleigh bells ringing, twinkling lights and little old St Nick


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Driving on Ice and Snow – Winter Safety Part 2

Posted on Dec 18, 2015

Each year, about 1,259,000 weather related vehicle accidents occur, according to the Federal Highway Administration. On average, there are 6,000 deaths and 445,000 injuries resulting from those accidents.


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Driver Spotlight – Jeff Pelletier

Posted on Dec 11, 2015

It’s 1985ish, Tears for Fears – “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” is on the stereo, or was it the eight-track?  I ended up regretting that choice; although the sound was better, I couldn’t quite get over the fadeout during the song, and then the big click-clock of the head moving to the next track. I’m in a green cabover heading downtown on I-70 in St. Louis for my first regional run.


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Recruiters, Can You Trust Them?

Posted on Dec 4, 2015

Ever wonder how recruiters can sleep at night after all the smooth talking and truth-twisting they do during the day? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Today’s truckers are skeptical of recruiters and everything they say, and for good reason!


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