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Breakfast On The Road


The trucking lifestyle can make breakfast a challenge when you are looking to eat somewhat healthy. There are so many unhealthy options at every truck stop, rest area, and other places you may stop along your route. One of the downfalls in society as a whole is that those unhealthy food options are very cheap in cost and easily accessible.

At McDonald’s, a breakfast sandwich on the run will cost you approximately $1.00. A loaded breakfast sandwich with bacon, ham, and sausage will cost you about $3.00 at Burger King. These may be easy on the wallet and tasty to your mouth, but they’re not good to your body. 

You do have options that are better for you. By doing some food preparation on Saturday or Sunday, prior to your leaving, you can take a few things along with you.

Cook up some eggs, bacon, grits, or sausage.

  • Boiled eggs (peeled & placed in a Ziploc snack bag) will last up to a week when refrigerated.
  • Scrambled eggs will last up to 2-3 days (by the 4th day to texture changes – discard after day 4).
  • Sausage or bacon will last 3-4 days in the refrigerator. If you freeze it in a freezer Ziploc bag it will last a little longer.

If you eat just the boiled eggs you can keep fresh fruit on hand. Fruit options would be apples, peaches, pears, plums, grapes, grapefruit, oranges, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, and chunks of fresh pineapple. These fruits are a good source of vitamins, nutrients, and fiber, and help improve digestion. In the future, I will share with you the complete benefits of the fruits categories and how they will help you. 

Other options would be to carry along packets of instant oatmeal, grits, or minute rice. You can also turn to yogurt (Greek or regular) with fruit. The oatmeal comes in a variety of flavors. If you like grits they come in plain, butter, and cheese. These things also store very easily in your truck storage area and only require a little hot water from the truck stop. I do recommend keeping a microwave safe bowl in your truck.

Planning is key! However, once you get in the habit of food prep it becomes easier, and your body will thank you for doing it. Don’t forget to drink water!!!!


Article by: The Trucker's Wife - Zina Mathews


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