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Buckle Up!

Buckle Up! It's more than just a good idea.

Wearing your seat belt typically comes with a lot of controversy these days.  It used to be an option to wear, leaving it in the hands of the driver and passengers to buckle up if it was their desire or need to feel safe.  With the increasing pressure of lawsuits driven by insurance companies, seat belts have turned from an option to a must-wear law.  Click it or ticket!  We know that some of you disagree with this, but the law is the law.

I understand that not everyone will agree on the importance of wearing your seat belt.  Regardless of your view, wearing your seat belt has advantages.  It won’t get you a ticket and it’s designed to save your life.  If you ask any emergency responder, they would say buckle up!  There is a much better chance of surviving an accident if your seat belt is buckled.  Today’s trucks are built with the latest safety technology. The seat belt is about as basic a safety device you will find.  Wearing it greatly increases your chance of survival!  We can prove that!

Recently, one of our drivers and his wife were unfortunately at the wrong place at the wrong time. The morning of March 10th, 2016 they were heading eastbound on interstate 70 when a vehicle entered the freeway traveling the wrong direction and hit them head on.  Our driver was traveling 60mph, and the other car was estimated going 40mph at the time of collision.  Our driver and his wife were both buckled up properly.  They both walked away, injury free but if they had not been buckled up properly, the outcome could have been very different for them.

Talking about the accident, our driver stated:

“As far as I’m concerned, I’ve always been a seat belt advocate.  I can’t understand why anyone would want to be without them.  Time and time again it’s been proven that they save lives.  All they have to do to get used to wearing it is to start wearing it, and it’ll become habit.  No matter what vehicle I’m in, if I start to drive and realize I don’t have it on, I put it on.  In the accident that my wife and I were in – if we weren’t wearing our belts – we may have died.”

We can go on listing examples like this all day long.  There are stories from all over the world and in all sorts of different situations where seat belts were the small difference between walking away and not.

Some drivers like to wear their seat belt loose, with the shoulder strap just hanging or ran behind the back.  This is a bad idea; the seat belt can’t do what it’s designed to when loose or worn improperly. If your seat belt is uncomfortable to wear, please contact your shop!  They may have some tips for you.

Buckle up!  It’s a good idea and…

it’s the law!

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