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Colorado Thunder Lake

National Park Week 2018

"It was like lying in a great solemn cathedral, far vaster and more beautiful than any built by the hand of man." 

- Teddy Roosevelt, after camping in Yosemite National Park

We've been celebrating National Park Week, showcasing stunning pictures taken by our employees as they have traveled across the diverse richness of our nation. Reflecting on the pictures makes it easy to see the inspiration behind our Faith & Family trailers.

The outdoors grounds us firmly in God's creation and draws us closer to him.

As Roosevelt reflects above, the magnitude of the outdoors leaves many, if not all, inquisitive and excited about the immensity, and yet the detail, of God's artistry in nature. It's all crafted by a single voice that leaves the work of our human hands minuscule in comparison.

The impact God makes on us through nature, that's the type of interaction and impact we strive for in our contact with our employees, shipper partners, and our vendors. Just as we can feel God's presence in the great outdoors, we want to leave an impact of Jesus-like care to those that we meet.

Expect different at Nussbaum; it's our goal to make an impact on your life and be the pick-me-up that leaves you in a better place. 

Enjoy this review of 2018 National Park Week images from our talented employees!

Nussbaum Semi Tractor Trailer in Wyoming Yellowstone National Park

Dennis Jones - Yellowstone National Park


Estes Park Colorado Elk and Mountains Vacation

Brent Vierling - Estes Park, Colorado


Wyoming Jackson WY snowy road

Wesley Sutton - Jackson, Wyoming


Nussbaum Semi Tractor Trailer in Oregon Drinkwater Pass US20 Centraal OR

Brad Frazier - Oregon 


Colorado Thunder Lake Ranger Station

Noah Zimmerman - Thunder Lake, Colorado


Arizona Colorado CO river Grand Canyon

Emma Zimmerman - Arizona


Nussbaum Semi Tractor Trailer in Wyoming Big Horn Mountain Range Buffalo WY

Nathaniel Plenge - Big Horn Mountain Range in Buffalo, Wyoming


Utah Phillip Adams Arches at Night

Phillip Adams - Utah

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