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Driver Recognition - Mike Penix

Driver Recognition - Mike Penix

It was around 8:30 on a sunny Thursday morning when the call came in. Mike was broke down at exit 353 on I-80. With no primary air, Mike wasn’t going anywhere soon. The maintenance team got to work in a hurry mobilizing to get support out to Mike as soon as possible. Unfortunately, “as soon as possible” was going to be about 2 hours by the time a mechanic could get to Mike.

But as fast as the maintenance team was working to get Mike’s truck running, Mike himself was even faster. Mike called back in at about 9:00 AM to let his D.M. know that he found the issue and had a repair in place and was back on the road.

Mike’s D.M. was ecstatic and immediately sent out communications to the team letting them know to “Cancel this repair, Mike just called and was able to fix the air issue! He’s rolling!

Mike set a great example in his willingness to go above and beyond. He shows how a little knowledge and a can-do attitude makes all the difference between being shut down for hours vs minutes.

Way to go Mike, your work is outstanding and is truly appreciated.

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