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Dick Mast

Driver Spotlight: Dick Mast

Dick Mast has been a Nussbaum part-time driver for almost a year and a half. Before this, he spent much of his life working on a farm. He also went into the service. After leaving the service he got his MBA from Western Illinois University and worked in the business community until he was 60.


After turning 60, Dick went to truck driver school at Illinois Central College and has been driving since then. He worked first as a full-time driver for Nussbaum until he retired. Once he retired, though, he realized he missed Nussbaum and driving. He approached Nussbaum wondering what his options could be and has been a part-time driver since then!

Dick has two stories he likes to tell that demonstrate how working for Nussbaum is different. Once, when he was at a Pilot station in Bloomington, the island attendant for the Pilot came up to him and said, “I really like to see Nussbaum drivers come in. You guys always pull off the line when you’re done fueling before you go inside, you’re easy to deal with, you’re polite and you’re nice.”

Dick also says that whenever he talks to drivers from other companies, they tend to complain a lot. They talk a lot about “The company this, the company that” issues. But, Dick points out that with Nussbaum drivers you don’t hear that. Instead, the Nussbaum drivers Dick has interacted with are all very positive and happy to be working for the company they’re at.

Most important, Dick says that he is really impressed that, in the time he’s been here, it is clear that Nussbaum treats people well. “As a driver,” Dick said, “I feel like I’ve been treated fair. It really seems like this is the company philosophy, to treat people fair and square.”