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Jeff Houck

Driver Spotlight: Jeff Houck

jeff-houck-192x300.pngJeff and his wife Beth currently reside near Kent, OH in Rootstown where he also grew up. Jeff has two step-children and one adult son who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with Jeff’s grandson. He also has a little white cat at home that showed up as a stray.

Jeff has been driving for Nussbaum almost 9 months now, but he has been a professional driver for 27 years! While he can’t recall any moment in particular, being out on the road he has seen A LOT in that time. Most commonly, he remembers hitting a bunch of deer during his time behind the wheel. He has a brother-in-law who is an avid hunter, so Jeff likes to say, “He hunts with a semi-automatic, I just hunt with a Semi!” Jeff also comments that he remembers when the profession was more fun, and there weren’t nearly as many regulations.

One of the biggest changes he has seen in the industry is the transition to electronic logs. When he was hired on at Nussbaum, it was the first time he ever had to use them and he thought ‘An old dog couldn’t learn new tricks.’ Jeff found out that the transition was easier than he expected and he was able to catch on pretty quick. Knowing that one day e-logs will be unavoidable in the industry, Jeff thinks it’s good to learn the new technology before it’s required.

His favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse for their ribs and steak. Speaking of steak, he is also a fan of beef chuck, chuck eye steak that his wife picks up at the local grocery store and he has an admitted weakness for peanut M&M’s! Jeff would choose to vacation on the beach if he could pick anywhere. He likes all kinds of music, but prefers country… especially Bluegrass. When Jeff lived in Virginia, he was able to attend the Old Fiddlers convention, a worldwide competition.

As for retirement, he hasn’t given it much thought…he’s convinced he might not ever retire! In his spare time Jeff enjoys hunting, fishing and camping. In fact, he and his wife visit a local campground where they have a Halloween camp in October. The Houck’s are the proud winners of the campsite decorating contest for three years running… increasing their place each year and coming in 1st place this past October!

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