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Filling A Prison With Hope

Filling a Prison With Hope

Nussbaum recently had the opportunity to partner with local Christian radio station, WCIC to help fill a prison with hope.

We were able to provide flatbed trailers as a stage for two concerts that the station hosted at Logan Women’s Correctional Center in Lincoln, IL. The concerts were held August 20th inside the prison and featured Christian music group, Unspoken.

The event was funded by donations from listeners and supporters of the radio station. More than 800 women were able to hear the message of hope and love.


WCIC shared some notes with us following the event:

After one concert, an inmate shared, “Today was overwhelming and exciting. The message was overwhelming because not too many people believe that women in prison are still worth anything. I felt love today. I felt encouraged. I’m going home soon, so I needed that today.”

WCIC Prison Concert-0151.jpg

“Thank you again for donating your flatbeds to use at the prison concerts. They made the perfect stage! Thank you for being so accommodating from the beginning. I thought it might be a long shot, especially since I reached out so close to the concert date, but you made it seem like it was no problem at all and found a solution for every challenge that came up. Thank you. It made the day extra special for the women at Logan.”

Prison Pics-Combp.jpg

“Wow! Just wow! The concert Sunday was life changing for everyone involved. I wish you could have attended. I am certain I will never again in my life experience anything like it again. God was at work in every imaginable way. Watching these ladies; laugh, dance, worship, weep… it was beautiful. One inmate wanted me to tell everyone who made the concert happen ‘Thank you!’ She was beaming! What a gift you and your business are to this ministry.”



“I wish you could’ve experienced the concert Sunday. The Warden said the whole experience was one of the most amazing things she’s ever been a part of.”



We give thanks to God for his provision and giving us the ability to bless a group in need of experiencing God’s love. We hope to partner with events like this again in the future. We believe God was glorified through these concerts, and we are humbled to have been a small part of it.



WCIC's goal is to encourage people in their journey toward Christ. We want to be a source of encouragement through uplifting, Christ-centered music and programs… and through friendship-as you invite us into your car, home, or workplace. The team takes our mission seriously. We pray as if it's up to God; we work as if it's up to us. We think integrity matters and strive to maintain the highest of standards. We're about loving God and loving people!

With studios in Peoria, Illinois, WCIC is owned and operated by the Illinois Bible Institute, the educational corporation of the Illinois District Council of the Assemblies of God. Our corporate headquarters are located at Lake Williamson Christian Center, 3 miles south of Carlinville IL on State Route 4.


WCIC is pleased to be a member of the New Life Media Network, a division of the Illinois District Council of the Assemblies of God. WCIC and sister station WBGL cover most of Illinois, western Indiana, and Northeast Missouri.

To Listen to WCIC or one of the other New Life Media stations click here to see a radio frequency map of their listening areas.


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