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For The Love Of Driving

For the Love of Driving

If you ask a professional driver why he loves driving, you are probably not going to hear about how great the pay is. You are not going to hear about how it allows them to be home with their family more. Or how the hours are great. Or about how low stress the job is.

Over the road trucking is just not that kind of job. It’s long hours and weeks away from home. It’s  a constant struggle of scheduling to get load delivered on time within a strict series of regulations that often feel designed to make you fail. It’s doing everything you can to drive safe knowing that you have no control over all those other cars and trucks on the road with you. It is a hard, stressful, dangerous, and demanding job.

So why would someone ever want to be an OTR driver?

For some, it’s is simply “the call of the open road.” Even with heavily regulated hours and electronic logs tracking your time to the second, there is just something about being out on the highway. A person can find a certain sense of peace while cruising down the road listening to the hum of the engine as you roll towards a distant horizon. A sense a freedom that can be found in that calm drive between docks.

For the adventurous spirits that love the uncertainty of where the next load will take them it is a chance to see something new. To have a moment of being somewhere and seeing sights they may otherwise never have gotten the chance to see. Many drivers will take advantage of down time to see some of the magnificent sights our country has to offer.

But there is also something to be said about the skills of truck driving. Professional drivers may make it look easy, but that is because they have spent years developing their skills and perfecting their craft. Handling those big rigs takes focus, knowledge, and a talent. For many drivers, executing a flawless backing maneuver in a poorly positioned dock or around obstacles can bring a sense of deep satisfaction. Like a musician landing each note perfect in a complex composition. The truck is a a driver’s instrument and driving is their song. They set out with the goal of playing a perfect tune every time they take the wheel and when they nail it, it just feels good.

What about you? What inspires you to get up each day and strap in behind the wheel? We’d love to hear your story and why you love to do what you do.



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