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Freightliner Continues to Push the Boundaries

Freightliner Continues to Push the Boundaries - New Cascadia

There is no doubt that the Freightliner Cascadia Evolution is cutting edge when it comes to fuel economy. When Freigtliner released the Evolution in 2014 they set a new standard for fuel efficiency in long-haul trucking.

Since then the Evolution has remained a leader among the growing competition in the industry. The Evolution was a great achievement in technology and design, but to Freightliner, that achievement was just the beginning. When they released the Evolution, Freightliner stated that they would continue to research and improve the technology and now they have delivered on that promise. The new, completely overhauled Cascadia is evidence of Freightliner’s willingness to push the boundaries.


“It takes a lot of guts to completely reinvent a truck that is already the most efficient product on the road,”
-  Jason Cannon, CCJ Equipment Editor -


Despite the Cascadia already being the industry leader, Freightliner went back to the drawing board to show us that even the best products have room for improvement.

The new Cascadia has been reworked from the inside out to deliver up to an 8% improvement in fuel economy over the Evolution.

It features further advancements in it’s aerodynamic packages that offer up low-ground-clearance, a flexible air dam, 24” side extenders and proprietary drive-wheel fairings delivering up to 2.5% improvement. But they didn’t stop with just the exterior upgrades. They’ve also included a new Integrated Detroit Powertrain (IDP) that combines the DD15 engine with the new DT12 Automated Manual Transmission and Detroit Axles creating new levels of performance.

CCJ’s Jason Cannon recently got to take one out for a test drive. Take a look at his article over at CCJ to read about his experience and get more detail on the new Cascadia.

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