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Roadcheck 2016

Get Ready for ROADCHECK 2016

Roadcheck 2016 is right around the corner. June 7th - 9th will be 72 hours with approximately 10,000 CVSA certified inspectors putting boots on the ground to perform about 17 inspections per minute.

That’s 17 inspections… every minute… for 4,320 minutes…

That is a lot of inspections in only a few days. With that level of inspections going on there is a good chance you will be the subject of one of them. So are you ready?

Each year the CVSA puts on the International Roadcheck placing emphasis on a particular category of violations. This year, inspectors will be focusing on tire safety. The inspectors will primarily perform Level-1 roadside inspections with extra care placed on checking out your tires.

The Level 1 Inspections by themselves are very thorough. Drivers with a few years under your belt may not be strangers to the process. But if your new, or otherwise haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing one of these inspections, you may want to check out what we learned when some officers stopped by to give us our own level 1 inspection.

It was awesome.

No seriously, we really enjoyed it; the officers were great and we learned a lot.

Your tires are extremely important. Everything on your truck, INCLUDING YOU, rides on those tires. It’s no wonder the CVSA would want to put some extra focus on tire safety. Tire violations can be easily prevented with pre-trip inspections combined with standard maintenance. Despite this, flat tires or tires with audible leaks represent the most common out-of-service violation.

If you don’t already, be sure to take some extra care with your tires during those pre-trip inspections. Check for things like:

  • Flat or under inflated tires.
  • Audible air leaks.
  • Expo osed ply, fabric, or belt materials.
  • Tread depth
    • 4/32 of an inch is required for front axle tires.
    • 2/32 of an inch for all other tires.
  • Items lodged between dual tires.
  • Deep cuts or bulges in sidewalls.

And, of course, if you find an issue get your truck in for maintenance right away.

It can be too easy to let the pressures of tight deadlines overrule your emphasis on safety. But always consider the cost if that small issue turns into a major accident on the highway. It just isn’t worth the risk.

You can get more on what to expect on June 7th at

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