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The Grass is Always Greener... Over There!

One of the things about getting older (notice – I didn’t say anything about being old), is that you have more things that you can look back at and reflect on.

Whether that’s the many vacations you've been on or all the pets you’ve had over the years – good or bad memories.


Down Memory Lane

One of the things that I can look back on with good memories is the places that I’ve worked. I don’t remember a lot of the things that my parents tried to instill in me, but one of them was, “If you work hard for your employer, they will notice it, and you will always have a job.”

Oh, yes, they also drilled into me that when you get out of your bed, you make your bed. I never understood the importance of that one, but I still do it.

 On to Greener Pastures

Anyway, it seems in the world today that not many people stick with one job for very long. It seems that they are believers in the old saying that “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”

I met another driver several years ago when Nussbaum Transportation was going through a transition stage, and it seemed like I might be losing my job of 22 years. I shared with him my concern, and he said he had driven a truck for 22 companies in 25 years and that I could always find another trucking job.

Well, that’s not what I wanted to hear, and fortunately for me, I’m now working on my 40th year here at Nussbaum.

Loyalty and Longevity

Employees that are loyal to their employers for a lifetime are almost as hard to find as employers that are loyal to their employees.

I’ve found Nussbaum to be the exception to that rule.


As a company in an industry with huge employee turnover, Nussbaum has bucked that trend throughout its history. I’m sure that it’s a direct result of the family values at the core of Nussbaum’s philosophy. If you are looking for the place to work until you are ready to retire like I was, Nussbaum may be just what you’re looking for.

Oh, and make sure you make your bed when you get out of it. You’ll make your mother proud.


Garrie Atkins, Driver Manager

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