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2018 HDT Green Fleet Nussbaum Transportation

2018 HDT Top Green Fleet

Our nearly 400-truck for-hire fleet continues to spec the most fuel-efficient equipment available for over-the-road use. What sets us apart and earned us the designation as one of Heavy Duty Trucking’s Top Green Fleets for 2018?

Green is a Go!

  • This past year, we bought 90 new Freightliner Cascadias, and we will purchase 100 more for 2019. Each year of advancement in fuel-efficient technology works for us as we expand our fleet and replace older, less efficient equipment.
  • Nussbaum trailers are all equipped with skirts and tails. The newest of which includes 29-foot skirts from Transtex and tails from Stemco.
  • We’re in the midst of testing solar panels on tractors and auto-deploying tails for trailers. Innovation is part of our character. We enjoy staying ahead of the curve and trying out new technologies.
  • YTD fuel efficiency is 8.9 mpg fleetwide. We've averaged 9.21 in the last three months.
  • And finally, Nussbaum always prioritizes safe driving habits that improve fuel efficiency.

 How Are the Top Green Fleets Chosen?

“We comb through nominations as well as the press releases from the past year and the stories we’ve run. We look at all sizes and types of fleets, as long as they operate some heavy-duty trucks – for-hire, private, or government; large or small; on-highway or vocational or local delivery.

…We look at long-term commitment to sustainability, but also pay special attention to new initiatives. We look for companies that are acting as leaders in their industry, promoting fuel efficiency and alternative fuels, participating in pilot projects, and testing new technologies.”

- Heavy Duty Trucking 

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