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Helath benefits of Walking

Hey, Take a Hike!  - Health Benefits of Walking

Spring is a GREAT time to get outside and take a walk. Not only does it feel good to be out in the sunshine, walking also helps to trim your waistline and improve your health. Here is a quick list of some of the health benefits of walking:

  • It’s easy. It’s free. Anyone can do it. Usually exercise is synonymous with phrases like: “No Pain, No Gain!” Not so with walking. Instead, there is much gain with no pain. The gentle, low-impact nature of walking is easy on the body, and no specialized equipment is required. Just put one foot in front of the other and repeat!
  • After a good walk, you’ll likely find yourself to be in a better mood. It is a very effective method of clearing your thoughts, relieving stress, and relaxing.
  • Walking is GREAT for your health. Benefits include lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, managing weight, boosting muscle tone, improving circulation, etc, etc. You are doing a multitude of good things for your body by simply taking a walk.

A walk is a very effective way to burn off some extra calories. Actual calories burned depends on your weight and metabolism, but to give an idea – a 200-pound individual walking at a moderate pace (2-3 mph) for 30 minutes will burn approximately 150 calories. Of course, even more calories can be melted by walking faster and longer.

When & Where can a Truck Driver Walk?

As a professional truck driver, finding time and a place to walk can be a challenge. However, it is still very doable, and many drivers have shared that they are able to walk almost every day. Here are a few ideas to get your walking in:

  • Walk around your truck! By circling a tractor-trailer 30-35 times, you’ll have covered roughly one mile. Are you concerned with looking “silly” circling your truck? You decide what is sillier – someone taking control of their health, looking better, and saving $$$ on medical bills OR someone laughing at people who exercise while they pack on the pounds and spend $$$ on the resulting medical bills.
  • Park at the far end of the parking lot. This leaves you a longer walk to and from your truck. When you stop at customers, use any down time to take a stroll.
  • If space permits and it is safe, take a walk around a parking lot. Explore the area where you are parked for your 10-hour break. This would help to break up the monotony if you get tired of walking around your truck.

Use your home time wisely on the weekends. Rather than sitting on the couch watching TV, get outside and go for a walk. Ask family or friends to join you!

A walk can be made more strenuous by adding weights. Some drivers have used ankle weights when walking and when helping to load or unload at a customer. Others have reported wearing three-pound shoes that make walking a true work-out. Getting creative like these two drivers can add up to even more calories burned.

How to get started!

If you haven’t been physically active for a while, make sure you ease into walking. Don’t expect to be “power-walking” right away. Start with a 10 minute leisurely stroll and work up from there.

Set aside time to take a walk, or else it probably won’t happen. If you have a goal of walking 30 minutes a day, try 15 minutes before you start your day and 15 minutes before going into the sleeper. Do whatever it takes to get motivated. Just make SURE you get out there and go for a walk!

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