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Innovation is in Our DNA

Innovation Is In Our DNA

Leading our industry in equipment and process innovation is something we are very intentional about.

Nussbaum has been fortunate to partner with some fantastic manufacturers and developers to create cutting-edge technologies that play a big part in our success. These innovations allow us to keep operating costs down, and in turn allows our drivers to experience the advantages those savings bring.



It Starts With The Truck:

Nussbaum has chosen Freightliner as our exclusive supplier of new tractor units. Freightliner is an innovative leader in the OEM industry, and we are proud to partner with such a forward-thinking company. We’re able to work directly with the manufacturer to build tractors to exacting specifications, giving us a truck that we’ve been able to achieve 10 MPG and better with!



Pulling The Most Fuel Efficient Trailers On The Road

You don’t get 10 MPG without a fuel efficient trailer (unless you’re bobtailing!) We’ve equipped our van trailers with special extended skirts along the sides that redirect air flow past the tandems. And on the rear, we’ve installed custom tails that let the wind flow right off the back with little turbulence, resulting in a smoother pulling trailer and a fuel saver as well. 



Advanced Scorecard & Communications

Our team of IT professionals has worked hard to develop our own scorecard system, put in place to reward drivers for excellent driving and to help turn good drivers into great drivers. Information from the truck’s computer system is sent back to our database in near real-time. That data helps us identify opportunities for improvement in areas of safety, fuel efficiency, and operations. The data is put through an extensive set of algorithms that result in an overall score. The driver is then rewarded with bonus pay that is tacked on top of his/her mileage rate. Top scoring drivers earn an additional $0.05+/mile!

Learn more about our equipment and our in-house vehicle maintenance team.

We’d love to talk more with you about how Nussbaum’s innovative spirit can translate into real dollars in your pocket. Connect with one of our recruiters.

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