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It’s Summer… Time to Hit the Beach!

It’s Summer… Time to Hit the Beach!

Just in case you hadn’t already noticed… it’s summer time. While you’re out there logging miles and earning your paycheck the road is filling up with families and young folk who are on their way to adventure and fun in the sun. Chances are that their minds are not on their immediate surroundings. Instead, they may be dreaming about kicking back on a sun-soaked beach or telling stories to their friends about just how “epic” this trip is going to be.

No matter the cause, increased traffic on the highway combined with any form of distraction is a recipe for danger. With that equation in mind, whether you’re in your rig or four-wheeling it to your favorite vacation spot, it’s a good time to “go the extra mile” to drive safe.

On average, more vehicle crash fatalities occur during the summer months

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2013:

  • There were 3,964 people killed in crashes involving large trucks
  • An estimated 95,000 people were injured in crashes involving large trucks
  • Seventy-one percent of people killed in large-truck crashes were occupants of the other vehicles

If we want to make those numbers shrink for 2015 then we need everybody.

So what can you do?

Start with yourself. Make sure when you start each day that you remind yourself to put safety first. Be sure to get complete your inspections, know your route and available stopping points, and always double check your surroundings.

Remember you’re not the only driver on the road. Take a few seconds to send a friendly reminder to your buddies about safe driving. Shoot them a text or email just to say: “Stay safe out there.” Or, you can even use those fancy red buttons below to share this blog with them.

Here is an infographic from Driver Solutions with 10 great tips about sharing the road with trucks. 

Check it out!


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