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It's Time to Start Talking Winter Safety

It's time to start thinking about winter safety.

Very few things can compare with the views we get in autumn. As we look out our windows we are met with brilliant scenes of vibrant red, orange and yellow. It is beautiful, and as we stop to take it in we often feel a sense of peace. A moment where the worries fall from our shoulders like the leaves from the branches.
As the moment passes we feel the cold chill growing in the breeze and are reminded that, as the Starks would say, “Winter is coming.” Before we know it our backdrop will fade from the rich colors of the changing season to a soft blanket of white.

That chill in the wind is a reminder that it is also time to start thinking about winter safety.

I’ll be honest, it is hard to write this. Every instinct in me is crying that it is too soon. After such an amazing summer, and now an equally incredible fall, all I want to do is hang on to the moment as hard and as long as possible. But time will move on and the season will change despite our desires. And with an unpredictable winter looming it is important to start looking ahead and be prepared for what may come.

Getting prepared early also means we can ease into it a little. So to get started let's take a moment to just reflect on some of the basic winter driving concepts, like maintaining a slower speed while driving in winter weather conditions.

Take a look at this video from CCJ to see how simply maintaining a slower speed could help prevent a major accident in icy weather.



This video is a great reminder of how little things like just slowing down can make a big difference. Take some time to remind yourself of all those little things you can do to stay safe while driving in the winter and start developing those good winter driving habbits now so that you are ready when it hits.

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