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July 4th Weekend Security Tips

July 4th Weekend Security Tips [Infographic]

Most of us look forward to holiday weekends as a time to relax and be with people we love. As we look forward to this coming Independence Day we are excited to settle into a long weekend of celebrating our freedom and honoring those who defend that freedom each day.

Unfortunately, there are also those less upstanding members of our communities that look forward to these types of holidays for other reasons. Over the past four years, CargoNet has reprorted an increase in cargo thefts over the 4th of July weekend. The extended weekend and greater demand for goods during the holiday create greater opportunities for those less honest individuals to commit their deeds.

The good news is that there are some steps we can take at every level of the industry to help secure our freight and ensure some peace of mind over the holiday.  Check out these great infographics from CargoNet to learn more about thefts that occur and what steps we can take to avoid being targetted.




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