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New Maintenance Facility is Now Open!

New Maintenance Facility is Now Open!

The much-anticipated new maintenance facility is open!
Thinking of joining the Nussbaum team? Already a Nussbaum driver looking for updates? Our new facility has a number of great additions to better support all of our drivers! If you haven’t visited already, here’s what we’ve added:


  • Much more room for additional equipment and the ability to services more tractors and trailers at once
  • No more jockeying for available space in the shop!

newfacilityshop.pngDEDICATED BAYS

  • Bay #1 is being used solely for the purpose of inspecting the unit. Every piece of equipment that comes through the gates will undergo visual inspection to help prevent potential DOT violations
  • Bay #2 is for preventative maintenance services like oil changes. There is even a built in Pit, so no need to even life the truck! With the addition of Lube Reels and the Pit, we’re already seeing quicker turnarounds for these necessary services.
  • Bay #3 is split between trailer maintenance at one and tractor break-down and repairs at the other
  • Bay #4 is solely for tire repairs. Having a lane just for this speeds up all of the processes getting drivers back on the road quickly!

Our new warehouse has a cross dock for loading and unloading trailers in the event of damage or load shift. This is already reducing the amount of empty moves and out of service trailers!

Freightliner is staffing a new parts room for on-hand, immediate delivery of critical parts. The parts room has a service counter where drivers can pick up spare lights, fluids, wiper blades etc. No need for an additional visit to the shop!

newfacilityparking.pngSUPPLY AND EQUIPMENT CLOSET
Everything a driver may need including: load straps, load bars, flatbed supplies, fuel additive, salt, spare fluid and more readily available for easy access.

24/7 access to Nussbaum’s scales for getting axle weights. These lanes are also connected to DEF fluid, now available on-site in greater quantities.

This long-awaited lounge in the maintenance facility has comfortable seating, a small kitchenette and nearby vending machines. It has charging areas for laptops and other devices as well as a WiFi connection. With spacious restrooms, two individual shower rooms and windows overlooking the service bays, this is surely one of the most exciting additions to the new facility!

No more sinking trailers, we’ve got concrete parking secured by fencing with entrance/exit permissions, a permanent camera, and lots of lighting! The parking area will have designated spaces for personal vehicles, loaded, unloaded and red-tagged trailers, tractor-trailers and trailers only to enhance traffic flow.

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