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Not Worth It

Not Worth It

A  few years back, a friend of mine was leaving Boston, MA on his way back home to Springfield, MO to spend the Christmas holiday with his family. 

It was around 2 am when he was headed westbound on the Mass Pike. He was texting on his phone with his wife anticipating his arrival at home and looking forward to the holidays with family.  

Out of the dark night, a four wheeler crossed the median and he rolled over the top of it, killing the two people inside.  

His wife continued to text him not knowing what had happened.  NotWorthItHand.png

It was later determined the two individuals were brother and sister on their way home to Boston for Christmas.  They were both college students attending Ohio State in Columbus, OH. 

According to the video at the prior toll booth, the young man was driving.  

My friend’s Qualcomm, EZ Pass, along with the time and date stamp on the phone text showed he had been texting approximately 15 minutes prior to the collision. 

Even though the accident was not his fault, he was charged with two counts of vehicular manslaughter, 13 years per incident, totaling 26 years in a Massachusetts state prison.  

My friend never made it home. He is currently a resident of Massachusetts and will be the next 22 or so years while his family remains in Missouri.

The young brother and sister were their parents’ only children.

So many lives shattered over distracted driving. 

My friend’s daughter will graduate from high school in May. His mother has since passed. His son got married, and he and his wife are now expecting my friend's first grandchild. It’s heartbreaking that he is not there to see or enjoy any of it. But what breaks my heart even more is the parents of the young brother and sister will never get to experience any of the above. 

No call, text, email, Facebook post, or Tweet is worth it.


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