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Nussbaum Named CCJ Innovator of the Year

We are excited to announce that Nussbaum Transportation has been honored as Commercial Carrier Journal’s 2017 Innovator of the Year! This award comes to us in recognition of our efforts to create a driver scorecard that rewards drivers for the skills they exhibit rather than just their fuel economy statistics.

“With our Behavior Measurement system, we finally have a way to reward drivers, not just for results, but for the skills that lead to those results,”

- Jeremy Stickling -

With the old system, a driver could do all the right things and still receive a low score because they were facing conditions beyond their control. The new system captures real-time data from the truck’s ECM, including g-force sensor data, time spent at different speed intervals and throttle usage. It aggregates that information with following distance observations from SmartDrive to score drivers on a skills rating formula that measures smooth driving, speed management, throttle usage and space management. This allows us to reward drivers for developing their skills and practicing safe, fuel efficient driving techniques.

The results have been amazing. Not only are we able to give better recognition to drivers for their skills, we have also seen some remarkable improvements in our overall safety record including ZERO preventable accidents and no jackknife incidents or major loss-of-control accidents this winter. We have also been able to reduce our score in the CSA Crash Indicator by more than half!

“We are blessed to have a great group of drivers who have weathered the change to this new system. Their efforts drove the results that played a significant part in earning Nussbaum this award

- Brent Nussbaum -

These results highlight the great teamwork here at Nussbaum with an HR team that recognized the need for a better scoring program, an IT group that could make meaningful use of all the data, and our professional drivers who have embraced the program and continue to work hard to show and increase their skill levels.


The announcement was made by CCJ at the 13th-annual CCJ Innovators Summit in Duck Key, Fla. The event gathers current and previous-year CCJ Innovators for three days of networking, presentations and idea sharing among some of the trucking industry’s most forward-thinking fleets and leading executives. During the year, CCJ, a national leading business magazine for truck fleet executives, highlights one fleet each month as part of its CCJ Innovators program.

Nussbaum Transportation won the CCJ Innovator of the Year award in a class of other industry-leading fleets recognized in 2016 including UPS, Modern Transportation, KLLM Transportation Services, Dayton Freight Lines, Progistics Distribution, Daryl Flood Relocation & Logistics, Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Covenant Transportation Group, CalArk International and OrTran.

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