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Operations Spotlight: Brendon Nussbaum – Driver Manager

brendon-nussbaum.pngWhen Brendon Nussbaum joined the operations team in 2012, he needed very little introduction. He practically grew up with the company. There’s the obvious last name thing, but even from the time he was a young teenager, Brendon could be found cleaning up trucks, sweeping the shop, or as he put it, “making more trouble than doing good!” However, his journey to Operations is not so simply told.

Though trucking was very much a part of his life and of course ran in the family, Brendon tells that he had no desire to make a career in the industry. Instead, he had other aspirations. He had long planned to be a firefighter paramedic. He trained to become an EMT at Heartland Community College, then went on to paramedic school while serving 2 years volunteering with the Carlock, IL Fire Protection District.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with his internship, and Brendon realized the door was closing on his dream of being a paramedic. So, he shifted his focus, returning to school with the intent of becoming a nurse or physician’s assistant. At the same time, he returned to Nussbaum, working part-time in the shop department before heading off to Colorado in 2010 where he worked as an EMT for a Young Life camp.

After two summers in Colorado, Brendon’s passion for the medical field began to fade. That’s when he received a call from his dad, Brent Nussbam. He gave his son some parental advice encouraging him, “You need to get serious about what you’re going to do whether it’s in the medical field, trucking, or whatever.”

Unsure about making a career in the family business, Brendon put the matter to prayer. It was then that the desire to return to trucking was realized, and ultimately, he was able to fill an open position as a Driver Manager in Operations. The return, Brendon expresses, is long term.

What’s different about working in the family business now? “Before, it was just a job to me,” Brendon explains, “but now I’ve discovered this is my true passion. I actually wake up each morning looking forward to coming to work!”
It doesn’t take long to see the heart Brendon has for the people around him. He’s investing in the youth at his church. He leads a sophomore boys Bible study group and does his best to spend time mentoring them and encouraging them as they make their transition to becoming young men.

His investment in people translates to his job as well. “I enjoy getting to know each of my drivers and who they are.” As Brendon describes, “Everyone has a different story and personality.” He says there’s never a dull moment, and that he enjoys the fast-paced environment.

With a love for the great outdoors, particularly fishing, boating and shooting, Brendon maintains that Colorado would be the perfect place to live. But, with roots grounded in central Illinois, he expresses, “There’s more enjoyment now, knowing this is exactly where I’m supposed to be.” 

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