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Jim Noe

Operations Spotlight: Jim Noe – Account Manager

jim-noe.png“Young man…” Jim Noe (rhymes with boy) starts, “what d’ya say?” Age and maturity really have no bearing on Jim’s use of “young man” as he’s been heard saying it to persons much younger as well as many years his senior. He may say, “Young man… where are you headed?” or “Young man… how’s your little boy doing?” It’s just his friendly way of engaging the driver on the other end of the line or the co-worker across the office.

Jim brought his good-natured personality and 20+ years of driving and transportation experience when he joined Nussbaum in 2008. His father started Apache Truck Line in the late 1950’s, and Jim, along with 2 of his brothers, took over the company in 1987. They would eventually sell the company in 2008.

While at Apache, Jim gained valuable experience in planning and dispatching, sales, and even driving a truck himself. He recalls the first time he got to experience driving a big rig. It was “fun, yet totally awe-inspiring.” He was riding along with his dad into Western Illinois with a flatbed load. When the load was delivered and the truck empty, his father turned to him and asked, “Want to give it a try?” Jim got behind the wheel and brought the truck home safely.

Of his time driving, Jim said he enjoyed the freedom of the open road. He particularly enjoyed his time pulling a tanker. “You are responsible for your own loading and unloading,” he stated. “You didn’t have to wait on someone to let you into a dock, and then wait again for someone to load or unload you. You get to fill your tank up, and you empty it out yourself.”

Jim’s advice to anyone thinking about entering the profession would be, “If you’re going to drive a truck, you’ve really got to enjoy driving and being on the road.” For him, it was nice to get away from the chaos of the office and an ever-ringing phone. He wishes he could have had one of today’s trucks back then though. “Trucks and equipment have come so far from what they used to be,” Jim says and continues, “They are a lot more comfortable and easier to drive now than they ever were when I was driving.”

Now that he’s back in an office role, he also explains that technology has drastically changed the way we communicate. “While the phone still rings plenty,” Jim says, “PeopleNet communication and load dispatching have really quieted things down. Details of load assignments are handled by the computer now.” He describes this change as a positive thing with information reaching drivers more quickly, allowing them to keep moving and get rolling down the road.

At Nussbaum, Jim is responsible for managing a group of drivers that are assigned to dedicated routes for a customer account he manages as well. While the lanes are dedicated, the account and variable factors of trucking bring unique challenges that require quick thinking and strategic planning. Jim handles this with grace and professionalism that is greatly appreciated by the operations team and his drivers. He keeps a cool head, and doesn’t let frustrations get to him.

With so many years experience, there’s not much that surprises Jim anymore. As a driver, he is able to empathize with a driver when things go wrong, and he is able to help them deal with things and work to resolve the situation.

Jim is happily married to Kelly, his wife of 27 years. He’s also the proud father of his 20-year-old son, Quint, whom he describes as a “pretty sharp kid.” Jim quickly exclaims, “He didn’t get it from me!” Although, I think many that know Jim might say otherwise. He is a diehard Chicago Bears and St. Louis Cardinals fan. He remembers his first Cardinals game in 1968 against the Cubs. They lost that game, but that clearly didn’t affect him too much. Making 19 World Series appearances and accumulating 11 wins makes them a fantastic club to root for year after year!

Reflecting on his transition to Nussbaum, Jim knows God’s hand was at work. After selling his father’s company, and shortly thereafter receiving a call from former Nussbaum HR Director, Lloyd Stoller, Jim knew the Lord was providing something special for him. Jim expresses, “I’m very fortunate to work amongst this group.” He adds, “I’m free to share my faith and stories of my faith here. I’d be hard pressed to do that anywhere else.”

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