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Recognizing Our Drivers – Dan Binder

Recognizing Our Drivers – Dan Binder

It was about this time last year that Dan Binder found himself traveling along in some less than optimal winter weather conditions. As he entered the highway Dan could tell right away that he needed to proceed with caution. While there were only light flurries of snow in the air, the road itself had proven to be slick and dangerous as evidenced by the other vehicles that had already found their way to a sliding stop on the sides of the road.

Dan pushed on, but with a greater sense of awareness for the other vehicles on the road and gave extra care to his own driving. It was this extra bit of awareness and readiness to react that ended up saving Dan from a serious accident. And likely even saving the lives of at least two other drivers.

Check out what Josh and Dan have to say about the events of that day…


Dan’s heightened awareness allowed him to recognize what was happening right away when a truck heading the opposite direction started sliding. In a matter seconds that truck was on its side, careening across the median straight at Dan. But Dan, already reacting with a combination of instinct and skill, quickly and smoothly reduced his speed and eased his truck to the shoulder just in time to miss colliding with the out of control semi.

That quick thinking created an opening that allowed a small SUV to escape the collision as well, and as a result, everyone involved was able to walk away from the accident. Great Work Dan!


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