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Recruiters, Can You Trust Them?

Recruiters, Can You Trust Them?

Ever wonder how recruiters can sleep at night after all the smooth talking and truth-twisting they do during the day? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Today’s truckers are skeptical of recruiters and everything they say, and for good reason!

Many recruiters go about their job with a “quantity over honesty” attitude. This is due to commission based compensation and a lack of integrity. More drivers hired equals more money in the bank so why not omit the occasional detail? With this mentality, it is no wonder driver turnover hovers around 80-100 percent!

These recruiting practices have created significant trust issues between drivers and recruiters.

At Nussbaum, we strive to be different. Our no surprises style of recruiting can feel like a breath of fresh air to the tired-of-being-burned truck driver. We believe in full disclosure; we’ll give you the good, the bad, and the ugly.


As recruiters, we realize that we are the first contact the driver has had with our company. This means it is our responsibility to establish a real connection. Our goal is to be someone drivers can trust, and lay a foundation built on honesty.

It would be impossible for us to cover or predict everything that could happen for you as a driver. But, we can do our best to show you all the skeletons in our closet. This can include forced dispatch, New England loads, and weekends away from home. Presenting the bad with the good allows you to set realistic expectations.

As a Nussbaum recruiter, we don’t earn a commission for the drivers we hire.Our ‘bonus’ comes from the satisfaction of providing the best hiring experience possible.

It’s most important to us that you are a good driver that can be successful in our company.

Best of all, we can sleep just fine at night knowing that we don’t have to compromise on honesty and integrity to get drivers in the door.


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