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Safely Navigating Unpredictable Spring Weather

Safely Navigating Unpredictable Spring Weather

Winter is FINALLY winding down. Giving way to a much-anticipated spring. With icy road conditions behind us, it can be easy to want to relax on your safety habits. However, spring weather brings its own set of challenges to the table that drivers must still be on guard for.

Spring weather can be very unpredictable, changing quickly. From bright and sunny to all out storming, light rain to downpours, high winds, and even tornadoes. Let’s take a look at some of the challenges spring weather can bring, and the steps you can take to stay safe.

Lower Visibility

You’ve heard the old saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” Well,
“April Showers” is no joke. All out down poor might be a better description than “shower.” These springtime showers can beat down hard against your windshield and significantly reduce visibility. If you get caught in one these spring rains and are finding it difficult to see, quickly find a safe place to park with your flashers on to wait out the heaviest rain.

Difficult Traction

The ice may be gone, but standing water on the pavement can be every bit as treacherous. Whether it is currently raining, or a storm has recently passed through, water on the road will reduce traction. It is imperative to watch your speed on wet, slick roads. Always allow more following distance to be able to react to other drivers.

Headlights and Wipers

Most states require that you have your lights on when wipers are on. This makes it easier for you to be seen and for you to see other vehicles. Also, make sure that you have new wiper blades and that all of your lights are working.

Lightning Storms

When in electrical storms, you should always remain in your vehicle with the windows closed. The metal frame will help direct lighting around the truck and to the ground. Also, your rubber tires help to insulate, further protecting you from the lighting. Your truck may still take some damage if struck, but you stand a better chance of walking away and that is the most important thing.

High Winds

Big spring storms also often mean big heavy winds or tornadoes. Always watch out for high wind warnings. Especially if your trailer is empty or if you are hauling a light load. The exposure and risk of being blown around by the wind increase radically when you are running empty.

Remember, springtime storms are unpredictable and bring many potential hazards along with them. Always take the time to consider possible weather you might encounter as you plan your day and work to be prepared for any weather that might come along.

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