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The Best Gift Ever Given

The Best Gift Ever Given


Veronica Phillips
Nussbaum Driver

Have you ever wondered about this time of year?

Christmas trees and presents and all the festive cheer

Sleigh bells ringing, twinkling lights and little old St Nick

And children awaiting Christmas morn’ to see what they shall get

Why do we go all out at this one time of the year 

And live the rest it seems cowering in our fear

Like a people cast out, out without a home

Like misguided runaways on the streets to roam

Leaving off our cloaks as if we’ve lost our jobs

Slumbering through the night with inner-echoing sobs

Tell me, from God’s wisdom, what does the Bible mean?

When it says the wise men followed the star that they had seen

Unto us is given a Son, a Savior, a King

Wonderful, anointed, counselor, good tidings he shall bring

Salvation to a people doomed to death by sin

Wisdom’s power by His life so they can make it in

So in all of our celebrating let us not be deceived

The best gift ever given is the one we have received

Over two thousand years ago, in the town of Galilee

Jesus Christ Emmanuel, was sent to set us free!


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