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Tools Of The Trade

The Tools of the Trade

"I knew this would happen."

You grumble to yourself, frustration building as you watch today's paycheck slip away as the minutes turn into hours. You even recognized the problem yesterday and knew it would eventually break.

But what could you do? You didn't have any tools on hand, and surely dispatch would get you into the shop soon enough to have a technician take care of it.

Unfortunately, the problem escalated faster than you expected and now you're stuck on the side of the highway waiting for roadside assistance. Assistance that is definitely not coming soon enough to ensure you deliver your load on time.

As a professional truck driver, you should have at least a minimal set of tools on hand. With the right tools, you may have been able to repair that little issue yourself and kept rolling down the road.

We've compiled a selection of tools we think every driver should keep on hand. Watch this video for some tips and use cases for these tools.


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