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Truck Drivers – Moving America Forward

Truck Drivers – Moving America Forward [Video]

Driving a truck is not just about driving a truck. It’s about getting things done. It’s about being responsible for delivering the products and supplies that keep America moving. The work that truckers do is critical to our economy, families and businesses. In 2014, over 80% of our nation’s freight was hauled by a truck and it required the work of over 7 million people to get it done.

Combined Transport, in association with Trucking Moves America Forward, have produced a video that illustrates Trucking from the perspective of an aspiring driver. It serves as a great reminder of the important role drivers play in our lives.

Take a look:


We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all drivers and the work you do to keep moving America forward.

Trucking Moves America Forward is a long-term industry-wide movement established to create a positive image for the industry, to ensure that policymakers and the public understand the importance of the trucking industry to the nation’s economy and to build the political and grassroots support necessary to strengthen and grow the industry in the future. To learn more, visit

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