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Bonus Program


Driver Excelerator Bonus Program

At Nussbaum, higher levels of driver performance do not go unnoticed… or uncompensated. Nussbaum drivers are recognized and compensated in several ways beyond their pay-per-mile income, including our industry-leading pay-for-performance Driver Excelerator Bonus Program.




Earn more scorecard points, get a larger bonus

We know a lot of companies have all-or-nothing bonus programs, but that isn’t how we roll. With Driver Excelerator, we use scorecards in four distinct areas that use objective data from each truck’s onboard PeopleNet computer system to determine your bonus. Facts are facts, and if your scorecards indicate above-average performance, your bonus increases.

The four scorecards

Here’s a little more detail on the data-driven information that we integrate into our scorecard system to determine your bonus pay:

  • Our safety scorecard measures:
    • Hours of service
    • Clean MVR & CSA
    • No driving or work accidents
    • Safe driving habits
  • The fuel scorecard measures:
    • Fuel-efficient driving
    • Low idle
    • Fuel-purchase compliance
  • Our operations scorecard grades:
    • Productivity
    • Customer service/on-time delivery
    • Out-of-route driving
  • The maintenance scorecard rewards drivers for:
    • Detecting equipment issues

A level playing field

We want this program to be fair to all of our drivers, so the scorecard points are handicapped to make the playing field level, no matter what you are hauling or where. The onboard software adjusts for things like:

  • Load weight
  • Truck age and model
  • Absence of an auxiliary power unit (APU)
  • Trailer type
  • Weather

We want you to be successful and earn top-dollar, so we will show you the direct connection between your performance and the success of the company, as well as where extra efforts benefit you personally. Drivers receive detailed feedback every month based on scorecard data.

What you can earn

Average bonus payout is nearly $0.03/mile extra. (We spot new hires $0.02/mile). Top performers get up to $0.05 – $0.06 extra per mile (or over $6,000 in additional earnings annually). Our top drivers in the scorecard categories also are awarded Gold Level status.

What people are saying about Driver Excelerator:

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