Driving Here

We take care of our drivers

Too often, a career in truck driving is difficult on drivers and their families. Time away from home and unpredictable pay can drain anyone. We recognize these inherent challenges at Nussbaum. Because of them, we have built a culture and programs that prioritize families and reward commitment.

Weekly home time

As an OTR truck driver, being away from home often is inevitable. However, given the demanding schedules run to meet our customers’ needs, we still offer some of the best home time in the industry for our drivers.

  • Our goal is to get you home WEEKLY.
  • An OTR driver will miss up to eight weekends per year on average. Some might miss more. Some might miss less.
  • Average time spent at home is about 50 hours, but some weekends are barely a 34-hour restart. On the other hand, some are longer than 50 hours.
  • The weekends are unpredictable. Sometimes you might be home Friday and leave Sunday. Sometimes you might be home Saturday and leave Monday. Sometimes you might get in one day and leave the next. Other times, your “weekend” might be Thursday-Friday.
  • If you like to stay out longer, we can certainly allow for that.
  • If something is going on in your life, communication is the key. Your marriages and families should come first, so if you need to be home, we’ll get you there.

Guaranteed pay. Period.

Trucking is an unpredictable job. No one knows what is going to happen from week to week. That’s why we offer a guaranteed weekly pay minimum, designed to give you peace-of-mind in meeting your financial commitments.

Whether you are held up at a shipper, a truck breaks down, or the freight puzzle doesn’t work one week — we’ve got you covered.

Learn more about our guaranteed minimum pay.


Tools and training to support your success

When our employees do well, Nussbaum is successful. When Nussbaum is successful, our employees share in our success.

How do we support success for drivers?

  • We invest in equipment and maintenance.
    It’s much more than shiny red trucks. Our commitment to running state-of-the-art equipment is so well-known that many equipment manufacturers engage our fleet to test drive their latest technology. From fuel savings to an enhanced driving experience – Nussbaum is at the cutting-edge of industry equipment innovations. And we take a proactive role in maintaining our own equipment, meaning fewer issues on the road.
  • We provide performance reviews and driver mentoring.
    We want our drivers to do well and earn the most money possible. That’s why we bring each driver through for a review with his/her driver manager. It's a sit-down, face-to-face meeting to evaluate everything that goes on with our company and to create a driver success plan. We also offer behind-the-wheel assessments; our performance coach can share opportunities for drivers to refine their safe driving habits, save fuel, and make more money through our bonus program. All new hires will have this mentoring session in the first weeks of their employment, but our performance coach and driver managers are always available to all of our drivers to answer questions or offer suggestions.
  • We have an open door policy.
    We always want to get better at our jobs and welcome your feedback. We can sit down with you at any time to talk through issues and ideas that enhance the driver experience at Nussbaum.

At Nussbaum, we give you both the autonomy and the support you need to succeed. Sound like the right company for you? We’d love to talk to see if we are a good fit.


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