Military Veterans

Driver Training for Military Veterans

As a member of the military, you served our country by defending its freedom, protecting its people from harm, and providing aid to those in need. That is why we are proud to offer a program that lets you put your skills to work as part of the driving force that keeps America moving forward.

With our Driver Training for Military Veterans, you'll get all the benefits of the Nussbaum Finishing Program along with the option to draw up to 12 months of additional compensation from your GI Bill®. You'll earn great pay and benefits while building a foundation for a long lasting and rewarding career.

  • Earn $40,000 + from Nussbaum your first year
  • Receive additional compensation from your GI Bill®
  • Begin earning $58-$63K your 2nd year
  • Receive Guaranteed Pay Increases for the following 3 years!
  • Build a great foundation for a career you can be proud of

To qualify, you must have a CDL-A, available GI Bill®, and be at least 21 years of age.

For more details on the training program and requirements check out the Nussbaum Finishing Program page.

For more information regarding your GI Bill®, check out

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