Recruiting Philosophy


Here’s the truth.

There is no perfect truck driving job, and there is no perfect company. We want you to know that up front. You are in the process of making an important decision about where to work, and we want you to have all of the information you need to make the right choice.



The Low-Down

At Nussbaum, we strive to run our company by a set of higher ideals and one of those is honesty. Our recruiting philosophy is to give you the most accurate picture of what an OTR trucking job at Nussbaum will entail.

We make a significant investment in bringing on drivers, and we do our very best to make sure the drivers we hire will want to stay. In fact, we’d rather exceed your expectations than fall short. That’s why the information we share in the recruiting process is extremely important.

Let’s talk

We may or may not offer the kind of job and culture you are looking for, but we’d love to talk and try to figure out together whether we are a good match for you and your family.

Beware. Talking to our recruiters will be a breath of fresh air.


Interested in joining our team?

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